Amazing Black rice ball in Taiwan(員林商店YuanRinShanDiaen )

Today I want to recommend you the Black rice ball in Taiwan.

We can have a big rice ball in Taiwan.

It's a local Taiwan menu.

But, I want to show you a nice black rice ball at 員林商店(YuanRinShanDiaen).



It takes about 15minutes from MRT Tongmen(東門)




Most Taiwan style rice balls use white rice or purple rice but this shop only uses black rice.


Black rice is a very healthy food and the poping texture is very interesting.



黒飯団 Black rice bowl


The ingredients are meat flakes and sesame dried radish.

and I ordered black soy milk.


black soy milk

It's nice with the rice ball.

It's like Japanese style breakfast,  miso soup, and rice.

Black soy milk has a more savory smell than normal soy milk.

It's not sweet so you can have it with a rice ball.


Local people have breakfast in this restaurant. If you are interested, please try it!


Business Hours:AM6:00~PM19:30