What is Ohagi ?

In Japan, there is a Japanese unique sweet called Wagashi.

Among this Wagashi the most regular is Ohagi!

Do you know Ohagi?

Ohagi is one of traditional japanese  sweets.

What does Ohagi mean?

Ohagi is made from rounded cooked sticky rice, wrap up by the red bean paste.

Japanese people often eat Ohagi in a traditional week-long seasonal event held in Japan each spring and autumn.

We will offer Ohagies for Memorial service of the spirits of ancestors.

So during Ohigan, families visit the graves of relatives and hold memorial services for their ancestors.

after offering  we can eat it! We can enjoy it !

What's  the difference between Ohagi and Botamoti ?

Generally speaking, the "botamochi" is eaten in spring, while the "ohagi" is eaten in autumn.

The critical difference is the "red bean filling" wrapped in rice ball outside.

The meaning of red bean will change in spring and autumn.

In spring the red bean mean as "Botan"(peony flower)So we called Botamotch.

In autumn the red bean mean as "Hagi"(Bush clover)So we called Ohagi.


What are mochi balls made of?

Mochi  is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice.

The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape.


What is Kinako mochi?

Kinako mochi is another type of Ohagi(Botamochi).

In Ohigan we offering two type of it. One is red bean paste and One is  roasted soybean flour.

Kinako mochi is type of roasted soybean flour.

Kinako mochi has red bean paste inside and outside is the sticky rice(mochi-gome) and sprinkle some kinako.